Nov 20, 2007

Mail and Spam folder

I ran into a business acquaintance recently. He seemed to be annoyed with me. When questioned further, he said he had sent me an email and why had I not replied to it? Well, since I had not received any, I let him know that. He showed me the sent mail.
Some brainstorming  later, I clicked on the 'Spam' folder in my mail account. Lo and behold, the mail from my friend sat there prettily, amongst all those others exhorting me to try this or buy that.
Now, I correspond with this person quite often, and no, his email id is not 'blocked' or otherwise relegated to spam.

Moral of the story - do peep into your spam folder once in a while, else you might lose out on friends and business in the long run!


Nov 18, 2007

featured in Financial Express today!

I have been photo-featured as a blogger by today's Indian sunday print edition of FE - techlife section :)

Following is the link to the brief online feature-

Look forward to your continued support, good wishes (and frequent visits to my blog)! .