Dec 23, 2007

saregamapa and voting process

The last episode of lilchamps saw disclosures about the voting (for 9th and 10th place) being rigged. Funnily, the people who did it, themselves spoke of it rather heatedly. Their contention was why the votes were not counted if they themselves had organized votes close to a lakh or so. When told that it was one-vote-one-computer or one-vote-per-mobile, the contestant’s family showed anger at not being told about this rule beforehand. This is one area where the Zee Saregamapa organizers do need to take action.

A simple suggestion -

1) Appoint an independent auditor to ensure a fair and impartial process of vote registration and counting.

2) Make the entire vote counting process transparent to the general public.

Here’s to more good music from these versatile and talented youngsters, and may the best participant win!

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