Aug 19, 2011

Insidious social media

There was a time when meeting a person or discussing something with them, meant coming face to face with the individual in flesh and blood, and getting on with the conversation.
These days the pivot has shifted to 'online' meetup. Which is why you now find people saying, "Let's take this up offline" or "Let's meet offline", the default obviously being gmail chat, twitter, facebook, sms, blog comments, e-groups, and so on.


  1. Sure, but it's not an either/or is it? And meeting up carries certain risks.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Dave.
    My post is about new words that have crept in due to evolution of social media and its current wide use. Social media has influenced our thinking and therefore our language.

  3. Don't you find people hide behind their fantasy personas online; wiccans, vampires, gods and goddesses - that's cool,nothing wrong with an alter ego, but it makes it hard to relate to them on a personal level. I myself feel a little self conscious talking to a high priestess of Isis or a vampire libertarian.

  4. Totally agree with you Step. The extreme type of persona can get to one. I find it kind of ridiculous and silly. At some point of time the interaction begins to seem meaningless if the real person does not emerge.