Apr 10, 2012

Is the Madhuri Magic still alive?

Madhuri Dikshit is undoubtedly a legendary actor of her time. She moved out of Bollywood at the right time, at the height of her career (like Rahul Dravid and unlike Sachin Tendulkar).
Then followed a long break with tantalising glimpses of her in filmy functions, brand launches, and the odd interview about her life in the USA.
Now she is back for good, she says. She loves Mumbai. And she wants to do more films. But all we see is her in small advertisements and that sort of thing. So the question- Is the Madhuri Magic still alive or would it have been wiser for her to continue with only the odd but high value assignment?
Methinks Madhuri would be far more respected now if she went in for direction, or donned an entrepreneurial role.

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