Oct 7, 2012

Blog rankings on blogger communities

Blogging platforms such as Blogger and Wordpress are used for posting various kinds of content. Yes, there are the typical blogs that post on all kinds of topics- usually thoughts, opinions, and at times information- especially related to technology.  The frequency of posts on such blogs is high and regular, mainly due to the nature of the blog.

 But many a times blogs are used to present a collection of recipes, poetry, visual art, an interesting project, or expedition. Blogs are preferred over paid websites by the blogger, as blogs are free. In such cases it is not right to rank a blog based on the regularity and frequency of posting. What matters here is the concept behind a blog, and the quality of art or poetry posted.

It is time that blogging communities, directories, other blog forums and search engines take this difference into consideration and use a different system for ranking or rating of such blogs. What do you think?

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