Jun 6, 2011

Tennis, Cricket, and Colors

Spent yesterday evening watching the Roland Garros Tennis final between Nadal and Federer. Nadal appeared in a cool blue t-shirt, while Federer flashed about in bright tomato red. Got me wondering - would it affect Nadal's performance in anyway, continually watching the bright red? Would Nadal's blue calm Federer and allow him to focus better? In short would the wearers' colors influence the opponents to the extent where they affected the outcome of the match?

This is even more marked in cricket, where some teams are kitted in neon colors. So the batsman might have a bowler in violent red, virulent green or blazing yellow approaching him rapidly to lob the ball. Would it make a difference to the batsman if the bowler had on a grey or earth toned outfit rather than a strong colored one? And if yes, then which colors have what kind of effect on the opponent's performance?

Answers anyone?

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