Aug 28, 2012

Are these apartments more secure?

A friend of mine lives in an apartment block. The watchman and his family reside in a miniscule shed in the compound. Recently, the residents decided to increase the security by installing a metal grill door at the entrance of the steps. The residents each have a key. Other than them only the watchman can open the door from the outside to any visitors. It does keep the salesmen and chanda-takers away. For the genuine visitor it is a painful process. It means that the watchman or his family have to be present at all times to open the door. If you are a friend of one of the residents with an emergency and need to enter the building you cannot do so unless the watchman is satisfied about your authenticity. 
Now there is one family where a maid servant comes in early morning. She has the keys to the flat. She opens the door, comes in, makes tea and breakfast. She has also been now given the key to the entrance door. What is then the point of the whole exercise of putting in a door, if someone from outside has full and free access to the building? It does not take much to duplicate a few keys. Ok, the maid might be honest. But what about the others who visit this maid’s home, who reside in her locality, and who might be able to help themselves to the keys?

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