Feb 27, 2011

Evidence of the expanding universe

One of the theories about the origin of the universe mention how the universe is continuously expanding. This implies that there is more distance now between two stationary objects in the universe than before. Now scientists can find solid evidence of this phenomenon at work in Pune.

A city in India, its most commonly used form of public transport is the three-wheeler auto-rickshaw, fondly abbrieviated to 'auto' or 'rick' . Its driver is usually the owner of the vehicle. Payment is made based on a per kilometer rate. A meter records the number of kilometers covered by the vehicle. And this is where the expanding universe theory comes into the picture. A few years ago, the distance from point A to point B would clock say 3 kms. If you travel the same distance today, the meter will show 4 kms! Time to bring in the scientists, methinks.

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